My daughter received OT at Just for Kids for around three years due to global developmental delays. My daughter needed improvement with gross and fine motor skills. Susan was absolutely amazing with her. My daughter has made so much progress. For example, when we first started my daughter would not put her hands down to break her fall and would face plant. Susan used various techniques and now my daughter can either prevent the fall or put her hands down first. I cannot explain in words what it means to have my daughter make huge progress and learn new skills while having fun!

Susan has been extremely helpful, kind, fun and professional. My daughter looked forward to working with Susan every week because she thought of OT as playing more than work/therapy. Susan is great at meeting the kids at their level. When my daughter resisted OT activities, Susan quickly learned that anything Minnie Mouse was a huge motivator and would find a way to incorporate Minnie Mouse when my daughter participated. For example, Susan would have Minnie Mouse ears for my daughter to wear or Susan would wear a Minnie Mouse shirt, which made my daughter so happy! Susan was also extremely flexible with my work schedule and changing days/times as needed; however, most of the time we had a regular day and time.

During the COVID pandemic, Susan followed CDC recommendations. Initially, we completed telehealth appointments. Susan gave me a list of supplies to have available and would walk me through the therapy activity and provide guidance to my daughter. It was also a great way for Susan to assess and provide guidance in our home environment. Once we were able to meet in person again, Susan continued to follow CDC guidance. My daughter has a personal bag with items only she touched, temperature checks upon entry and hand hygiene. In addition, any equipment that was used was sanitized. Susan was also creative in performing most of the OT activities outside (weather permitting).

Susan was a pillar of my daughter’s success and helped prepare her for kindergarten. Due to Susan OT work with my daughter, I believe that my daughter entered into to kindergarten not being behind her peers. Regardless of your child needs (short term or long term OT), I highly recommend Susan and Just for Kids!
"I am so thankful to Susan Horn for the work she has put into her social groups. My son has already attended two of them, and they are always organized, age appropriate, and most of all, FUN!

Anthony has learned skills that he will carry with him for a lifetime. He has been practicing these skills at school and has made quite an improvement since the beginning of the school year. He has more friends and better relationships with adults. Anthony has been to other social groups and Susan’s is by far the best! We will never forget Susan or the skills she has taught us."

After watching my daughter struggle for the past few years it is finally so wonderful to see her making progress in the right directions. I can't believe I have finally found someone who is so knowledgeable about my child's complex mix of issues including sensory integration dysfunction, ADHD, emotional regulation, and motor processing delays. Your services go way beyond the typical occupation therapy sessions to include a framework which includes teaching me skills so I can best help my daughter thrive. From a forever grateful parent.

Susan, thanks for seeing us today.  I am very excited about doing all this for Aiden and I know he enjoyed himself with you as well.  He can't stop talking about you.

My son Izzac, has been working with Susan Horn since his diagnosis of Sensory Processing Disorder. Susan has been such a wonderful Occupational Therapist to work with. Not only has she been such a great resource for us as parents, she has been so welcoming and loving to our son. For severap months we travelled well over an hour to work with Susan twice a week. Izzac looked forward to every visit. I loved hearing his laughter and joy while in therapy. Susan is so great with him, and he never felt like therapy was something we had to do, but rather something he wanted to do. Thank you Susan for your time spent with us. Thank you for blessing our lives, and helping our son. You have no idea how grateful we have been for all that you have done for our family. Sincerely yours,

Susan Horn is quite simply a wonderful therapist and we are so fortunate to have found her for our 8-year old, who has Sensory Processing Disorder and a host of other neurological and muscular challenges.

Susan began by doing a terrifically thorough assessment, which hadn’t been done for three years. But this wasn’t simply a descriptive document. Susan used it to set clear and specific goals which have helped us see what kind of genuine progress our son has been making.

To call Susan simply a therapist is too limiting a description: she’s a teacher, a playmate, a coach, a cheerleader and a creative artist. Susan is so compassionate and creates an atmosphere of delight for our boy. This isn’t to suggest that the work she’s doing with him is easy. Far from it, Susan is a tireless in her efforts and expects the same from our son. In addition to all the skills she’s helping our son develop, she has given him a stronger sense of his own most priceless of gifts: courage.

Whatever words of praise we can give, they can’t possibly match the excitement on our son’s face every day he gets to go to therapy with Susan. She is a treasure.

I have been taking my 8-year old son to Susan at Just for Kids Pediatric Occupational Therapy for a little over a year now and we have seen great improvements in his handwriting skills and fine- and gross-motor development. Susan is professional, friendly and keeps up-to-date on the latest techniques and information. My son loves her!

I am so grateful that I found Susan for my son who has sensory issues.  My 6 year-old son normally has trouble warming up to adults, but has had no trouble warming up to and trusting Susan.  She has always been very positive and patient with him and is great at explaining things so that both adults and kids can understand.  She really makes the OT experience fun. (I think he secretly looks forward to it!) Susan is very knowledgeable and good at what she does -- in just a few OT sessions we have seen major improvements with our son. Thanks Susan!

Haley was invited to a sleepover with a group of girls that has typically not been very nice to her. She ended up having a great time and she says it is because of the social skills class that the girls are being nicer. I was afraid for her to go because it was like sending her to the wolves, and she had fun and they were very nice. So thank you!

As a nurse and mother of 5, I have unusually high standards when I seek professional medical help for any of my children. Susan was the first therapist that my very shy son would actually talk to. And he talked to her a lot at our first session! He is 4 and has a communication disability as well as a sensory integration disorder and never talked to anyone except family until we met her. Her assessment was very thorough. She is knowledgeable, patient, caring and full of new ideas and creative, state of the art approaches for helping our son. He has shown much progress since we began weekly therapy 5 months ago.

Thank you for providing my daughter Haley with the valuable skills you taught her during her participation in your social skills class.  She has struggled over the past few years with understanding what kids expect and what is acceptable when it comes to social skills. Your class has taught her how to be a friend, how to initiate conversations, how to give and take in conversations, how important it is to listen and give of yourself even when you are not asked to do so, how to be a good sport, and how to read social cues that have always seemed difficult to understand.  Haley feels like she has some new tools and a sense of control that has given her confidence in social situations she may have felt awkward about in the past.  She thinks the kids are nicer to her because she has learned what behaviors may not have been working for her in the past.  What you have given to Haley are skills that she will use throughout her life.  Thanks again.
I have two children who spent the last year working with Susan Horn. They each have SPD issues and autism. Susan was just wonderful and brought them so much further than any of their other OT’s in the past 3 years. We did an intensive 12 week OT program where we saw some pretty strong changes in the children. She helped them so much that I felt confident in finally being done with their therapy this past Spring. My son, who is a constant wreck of falling every 2 feet and tripping over thin air, is now rarely falling and is so much better in his balance because of her. My daughter, who has Aspergers, SPD and ADHD, will go thru and try new things without always throwing a massive tantrum. She can touch things that aren’t always pleasing to her (sticky/rough etc) without going into a complete meltdown. I really do thank Susan for all the wonderful help she gave us. She was always willing to work with our schedule, never cancelled on us last minute and understood my children’s need for reliability. I would and have recommended her to many people in need of a fabulous OT.
Susan Has been working with Hayden on an individual basis and has helped him make many strides over the last year. He can be challenging to work with, but Susan has a lot of patience and compassion and has been able to reach him where other therapists have given up. Hayden now gets excited as we approach the exit as we drive to his OT appointments. He might have a lot of challenges to overcome, but Susan has shown him how much he can learn to do and feel pride after reaching his goals. Hayden also thinks Susan has the best swing collection...Ever!

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