About Just For Kids

About Susan:

Susan Joy Horn OTR/L is an Occupational Therapist with more than 23 years of experience. Her experience working with the pediatric population includes clinical and school settings along with her own clinic, Just For Kids. Susan is Ayres Sensory Integration Certified. Susan has completed an advanced Mentorship at The Starr Center in Denver under Lucy Jane Miller, and Sarah Schoen. Susan is trained in The Therapeutic Listening Program out of Wisconsin.

Our Clinic:

At Just For Kids we foster a personal and professional relationship with our clients and their families. We want our clients and their family members, parents, siblings, caregivers, to know that we truly care and we have their best interests at heart. We work closely with families and provide home and school programs so their child's skills and progress are present across environments. We use a child-directed approach to enable maximum motivation and effort from the child. The Gym: Has a wide variety of suspended equipment and sensory opportunities. There is a comfortable waiting area for parents and siblings. A resource center is available for parents as well.

  • Clay letters
  • onto ball
  • JFK Play DOH
  • Walken
  • Asher shave crm bath
  • Samuel
  • Handwriting camp
  • Aiden 2
  • Miles

A Word From Our Clients...

Thank you for providing my daughter Haley with the valuable skills you taught her during her participation in your social skills class.  She has struggled over the past few years with understanding what kids expect and what is acceptable when it comes to social skills. Your class has taught her how to be a friend, how to initiate conversations, how to give and take in conversations, how important it is to listen and give of yourself even when you are not asked to do so, how to be a good sport, and how to read social cues that have always seemed difficult to understand.  Haley feels like she has some new tools and a sense of control that has given her confidence in social situations she may have felt awkward about in the past.  She thinks the kids are nicer to her because she has learned what behaviors may not have been working for her in the past.  What you have given to Haley are skills that she will use throughout her life.  Thanks again.   -Jan Brock